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How to use Pinterest Character Counter tool

Following are the steps to use Pinterest character limit counter:

  • Step 1: Simply type your text in Pinterest character count tool text box.
  • Step 2: It displays Pinterest character limit for title, hashtags, bio, user name, profile name and board description.
  • Step 3: Once character limit reached, it shows in red color.
  • Step 4: Click on copy text button to copy and clear text button to start afresh.

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Pinterest Character Limit

Pinterest character limit 2022
Pinterest pin title character limit 100 characters
Pinterest hashtag character limit 20 hashtags
Pinterest bio character limit 160 characters
Pinterest username character limit 30 characters
Pinterest profile name character limit 30 characters
Pinterest board description character limit 500 characters

Pinterest Character limit counter FAQ

What is the character limit on Pinterest 2024?

If you’re wondering how long can a Pinterest character limit be in 2024, there’s a 100 character limit for pin title, 500 characters for board description and 30 characters for user name & profile names. Use our Pinterest character counter for title and description length checker.

How to count Pinterest character limit?

Paste your text in our Pinterest character counter tool to to see if it fits the character limit for  pin title, board description, bio and username.

What is Pinterest Title character Limit?

Pinterest title character limit is 100 characters.

What is Pinterest Description character Limit?

Pinterest description character limit is 500 characters.

What is Pinterest bio character Limit?

Pinterest bio character limit is 160 characters.

Pinterest Character Limit

Type or copy paste text to check Pinterest character limit for pin title length, hashtags, bio, user name, profile name and pin board description. It counts and displays Pinterest character limit in real time.

Following are the Pinterest character limits 2024:

  • Pinterest hashtag character limit: 20 hashtags.
  • Pinterest bio character limit: 160 characters.
  • Pinterest username character limit: 30 characters.
  • Pinterest profile name character limit: 30 characters.
  • Pinterest board description character limit: 500 characters.
  • Maximum Pinterest Pins: 200,000 (which include secret Pins and Pins on organization boards you didn’t create)
  • Maximum number of Pinterest boards limit: 2,000

Whilst you think of counts on Pinterest, you likely believe counts on the number of pins and forums you can have. However, there also are limits to the text areas.

There are pair belongings you ought to be aware of with those character limits. Research shows that descriptions containing over two hundred characters acquire the most repins.