Youtube Title and Description Character Limit

Description: 0 / 5000
Bio: 0 / 1000
Comment: 0 / 10000
truncation: 0 / 70
Title length: 0 / 100
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How to use YouTube Character Counter tool

Following are the steps to use YouTube character limit counter:

  • Step 1: Simply type your text in YouTube character count tool text box.
  • Step 2: It displays YouTube character limit for title, truncation, description, bio and comment..
  • Step 3: Once character limit reached, it shows in red color.
  • Step 4: Click on copy text button to copy and clear text button to start afresh.

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YouTube Character Limit for Title, Description and Comment

YouTube character limit 2024
YouTube title limit 100 characters
YouTube title truncation limit 70 characters
YouTube description limit 5000 characters
YouTube bio limit 1000 characters
YouTube comment limit 10000 characters

YouTube Character limit counter FAQ

What is the character limit on YouTube 2024?

If you’re wondering how long can a YouTube character limit be in 2024, there’s a 100 character limit for title, 5000 characters for description and 10000 characters for comment. Use our YouTube character counter for title and description length checker.

How to count YouTube character limit?

Paste your text in our YouTube character counter tool to to see if it fits the character limit for title, truncation, description, bio and comment.

What is YouTube Title character Limit?

YouTube title character limit is 100 characters. Over 70 characters will be truncated with three dots.

What is YouTube Description character Limit?

YouTube description character limit is 5000 characters. Utilize this section to provide relevant information such as timestamps, resources, affiliate links and social media links.

What is YouTube Comment character Limit?

YouTube comment character limit is 10000 characters.

YouTube Title and Description Character Limit

Type or copy paste text to check YouTube character limit for title length, truncation, description, bio and comment. It counts and displays YouTube character limit in real time. Our YouTube character counter displays character limit for following YouTube metrics:

  • YouTube title limit: 100 characters.
  • YouTube title truncation limit: 70 characters
  • YouTube description limit: 5000 characters
  • YouTube bio limit: 1000 characters
  • YouTube comment limit: 10000 characters

Despite the fact that YouTube is all approximately video, it does have a few character limits for the textual content fields such as title, description and comment.

Use titles and descriptions which may be interior YouTube’s character limits if you want to get your content located and to compel people to have interaction.

In addition to optimizing video duration, marketers need to the front load their content material’s call and outline replica with applicable keywords and meaning preserving a watch on character count.

YouTube Title Character Limit: 100 Characters

YouTube title limit is 100 characters and If length of title goes anything over 70 characters, it will be truncated with three dots at the end. It is recommended to keep YouTube title length within 70 characters including spaces. Something longer will be truncated in searching for effects.

The call of your video might be the most essential search engine optimization element to don’t forget. Titles for YouTube movies need to encompass applicable key terms to ensure immoderate scores in Google and YouTube search, at the equal time as nonetheless being compelling enough to encourage clicks and perspectives.

YouTube Description Character Limit: 5000 characters

YouTube description character limit is 5000 characters. We recommend to use timestamps, affiliate links, social media links and relevant resources. The outline location in YouTube represents another opportunity to permit search engines to understand what your video is prepared. The descriptions additionally seem as wealthy snippets in search outcomes and can assist encourage extra clicks in your content.