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Our Word Counter online tool does exactly what it says it does. Start typing and we will immediately calculate and return you the number of words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, top keywords and so on.

  • Straight to the point – Just paste or copy your text, and we will start counting immediately.
  • Completely anonymous – Everything happens in your browser, so we never send or receive any of what you are typing.
  • 100% online – No need to download anything, everything happens online, right here right now.

Also check our real time character count online tool to count characters with and without spaces.

Sometimes it can be very important to know the word count of your own texts. If you are an author then you often have to write a minimum or maximum amount of words for an essay, story, report, article or book. With our word counter online tool we can help you to reach your required word count.

Another helpful feature is that you get an overview of the most used words or top keywords of your text. This keyword density is very important when you are writing SEO articles or other specific types of text. In the statistics you can see other interesting information like the reading time, reading level, paragraphs count, grammar, sentence count and characters count.

What is Word Counter?

A free online word counter to help you instantaneously count the words in a document. Ever looked for an easy to use, always available, online word counter? I found myself looking for a convenient solution more than once. That’s why I decided to design this simple, very easy to use Online Word Counter.

To use it, just start typing your words or just copy and paste your text to count straight into the text area above. Your word count will appear and auto update on the top right. We have set the word limit ridiculously high so you can use it for large word files as well.

The word counter online tool is a very useful in finding out the number of word count, characters with and without spaces, paragraphs, Sentences, syllables, top keywords, grammar words and many more stats when you are typing in the given text box.

What Does Word Counter Do?

  • Word Counter is online word count and character counter tool that displays various basic and advanced word count stats in real time.
  • Word counter automatically count words, character (with and without spaces), syllables, sentences, paragraphs, unique words, keywords density, difficult words and many other word count statistics.
  • Word counter shows you the top keyword density of the item you are writing in a robotic manner.
  • You may additionally replica and paste a document you have already written into the word counter field and it is going to show the Word keep in mind and character numbers for that piece of writing.
  • Word Counter offer seek container to appearance specific word or character in the record.
  • Word Counter allows trading character case like upper case, lower case, right case (every first character of Word in capital letter) and also vice-versa.
  • Word Counter lets in to check spelling mistake and grammatically mistake in the file.

Word Counter tool features

Following are the most popular features that are present in word counter online tool:

  1. Basic Word Counter Statistics – Get number of words, Character count with and without spaces
  2. Extra Word Counter Statistics – Check advanced word count stats such as number of syllables, sentences, unique words, average word length, average sentence length, monosyllabic words, polysyllabic words, syllables per word, paragraphs and difficult words in the given text.
  3. Words Length Statistics – Know how many Short Words and Long Words are presented in given text. Also check Longest sentence by number of characters, Longest words by number of characters and Longest words by number of syllables.
  4. Readability statistics – Get estimated reading and speaking times for given text.
  5. Top Keyword Density – Check various keywords that are occurred and get top keywords by length in your text.

Our Word Counter online tool that allows counting words in a text with ease, if counting words in your text editor, pdf viewer or word processing software is not easy, then Word Count is ready for you. Word Count will list the word number and character number instantly in your web browser without sending your text across the Internet; it supports Unicode characters in many languages such as the Korean language, Japanese language, etc.

Use our 100% free online word counter tool to count cords, keyword density, characters and more. How would you react if you were informed of a certain free online word counter tool which can be easily accessed at any time and from anywhere? Within a blink of an eye, your write-up will have been efficiently analyzed by the free online word counter tool in terms of number of characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs.

The box on the right will provide the exact keyword density and based on all these statistics you can then decide whatever changes need to be made. In this way, the free online word counter tool is designed to save you time as also optimize your write-up thus being the best friend that you have always been looking for.

How to find Word Count in Word?

Are you looking to check your word count in Word? If you use Microsoft Word, there are actually several different built-in options to check to your word count as you are writing. All these methods work in all Word versions.

Word Count As You Type

Did you know that Word displays your word count as you type? If you look at the Word status-bar on the bottom left, you should see the number of words in the current document. Notice that the count automatically updates as you type.

Another neat feature that many people don’t know about is that Word will also count the number of words in a selection. Try selecting a block of text in your current Word document, and look at the status bar again. You should now see something like 12/272. This means that you have selected 12 words out of 272 total words in the document.

Note that that you can make non-contiguous selections (CTRL-click) and you will get an accurate word count as well.

More Detailed Word Count in Word

Word also has a more detailed Word Count function. You can find it by going to the Review tab and selecting the Word Count icon.

This gives you some additional statistics you might be interested in like number of pages, word count, characters, paragraphs and lines. There is also a checkbox that lets you set whether you want to include text boxes, footnotes and endnotes in this count.

As you can see, it is very easy to find your word count in Word. So next time you are using Word, try this out for yourself.

Word Count is important for authors and their readers

There are statistics that say that a reader is more interested in an articles that include interesting information. If you are writing an article then you have to check the word count because in general the lesser the words the better is your article. As a novel writer you have the big challenge to put your ideas into words. By doing this you need a centered and calm approach, and a very strong sense of purpose. The length of a novel is between 50000 and 70000 words. The short types of a novel are also called novellas and have a word count of 15000 and 35000 words. As a shot story writer you have an average target of 3000 words.