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How to use LinkedIn Character Counter tool

Following are the steps to use LinkedIn character limit counter:

  • Step 1: Simply type your text in LinkedIn character count tool text box.
  • Step 2: It displays LinkedIn character limit for LinkedIn post, truncation, company post, about section and message.
  • Step 3: Once character limit reached, it shows in red color.
  • Step 4: Click on copy text button to copy and clear text button to start afresh.

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LinkedIn Character Limit

LinkedIn character limit 2024
LinkedIn Post character limit 3000 characters
LinkedIn Post Truncation character limit 210 characters
LinkedIn Company Post character limit 700 characters
LinkedIn About section character limit 2600 characters
LinkedIn Message character limit 300 characters

LinkedIn Character limit counter FAQ

What is the character limit on LinkedIn 2024?

If you’re wondering how long can a LinkedIn character limit be in 2024, there’s a 3000 character limit for LinkedIn post, 700 characters for company post, 2600 characters for about section and 300 characters for message. Use our LinkedIn character limit counter for LinkedIn post length checker.

How to count LinkedIn character limit?

Paste your text in our LinkedIn character counter tool to to see if it fits the character limit for LinkedIn post, truncation, company post, about section and message.

What is LinkedIn Post character Limit?

LinkedIn post character limit is 3000 characters.

What is LinkedIn company post character Limit?

LinkedIn company post character limit is 700 characters.

What is LinkedIn message character Limit?

LinkedIn message character limit is 300 characters.

LinkedIn Character Limit 2024

Type or copy paste text to check LinkedIn character limit for LinkedIn post, post truncation, company post, about section and message. It counts and displays LinkedIn character limit in real time.

Following are the LinkedIn character limits 2024:

  • About us/Summary – 2,000 characters
  • Body of custom module – 500 characters
  • Company leaders description – 150 characters
  • Company leaders headline – 150 characters
  • Company Page name – 100 characters
  • Company update – 700 characters
  • Employee testimonials – 400 characters
  • First name – 20 characters
  • Last name – 40 characters
  • LinkedIn Publishing content length – 110,000 characters
  • LinkedIn Publishing post headline – 100 characters
  • Recommendation – 3,000 characters
  • Status update (personal profile) – 1,300 characters
  • Title of custom module – 150 characters
  • URL label for custom module – 70 characters

Watch and be notified of the dynamic character counter. LinkedIn says that as you fill out the superb textual content fields, a dynamic character counter will appear above the composition field to will assist you to understand how many characters you have were given leave.

When you text anywhere on LinkedIn, you’ll hit a limit and LinkedIn will let you apprehend how many characters you exceeded the restriction through the usage of.

Virtually, knowledge earlier precisely what number of characters you can squeeze into any textual content discipline on LinkedIn goes to prevent a lot of time and frustration. Also, as glaringly recounted, LinkedIn modifications on each day basis, any trade can occur at the character count variety or limit.

Lamentably, the contemporary LinkedIn profile handiest shows the primary three lines of your precis which equates to nearly 210 characters or 50 words earlier than a reader has to click the 3 little dots to see the whole model.